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Overview of the map Mirage CS:GO

Map Mirage deserves the attention of both regular players and the faces of the professional scene. Actions on the map Mirage, as well as on Dust 2, unfolding in one of the countries of the Middle East. Still the same Eastern setting sends players to a small town. If you look closely, you can find traces of life in this city. So, on the balconies are cozily placed plants and chairs, presumably, for smoking hookah. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can find help in modern CS GO cases.

The side of the attack, led by the Phoenix unit, tries with all its might to seize the local embassy and undermine the secret weapon, carefully hidden in the boxes. They are located on the A and B boxes. On the other hand, the SAS unit’s Special Forces team is trying to interfere. For the first time, the map appeared in the Counter Strike 1.6 series. It immediately gained popularity among the players, which remains to this day. At the time of its appearance Mirage map had an unofficial status, but a little later was able to gain a foothold in the rank of one of the most frequently played. And so, in 2013, the map appeared in the official map pool Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It is noteworthy that the map has not undergone significant changes. In the last major update of the map were removed skyboxes, which increased the possibility of spreading grenades. In other words, earlier on the map there were invisible walls that did not allow to throw the grenade over most of the map. Now such a possibility has appeared, giving the space for fake spreads. In the same update, changed the appearance of boxes, corrected a number of textures and slightly reworked plant A. In this regard, there is a good chance that the map Mirage next will be subjected to deep processing. This is also evidenced by the course of Valve.

Tactics of the defending side

The defense side starts near plant A. A little further away is the installation point of bomb B. Before the round starts, the team decides how many people will go in this or that direction. 

Protection strategy plant A

When defending a cigarette, players should take positions over a cigarette (if there is full confidence in the control of the center of the map), as well as a headshot. In early timings, fumes are thrown onto the pit and out of the carpets. An extra 18 seconds will never be superfluous when defending positions. Smoke is also to be expected from terrorists. Most often the smoke is thrown on the head, in the jungle and in the city. With such a spread, defense players need to strengthen themselves as close as possible in their positions, such as climbing Roban. There is also a variant, when a defense player climbs on the balcony and takes the exit from the carpets. Exit from the Connector must be controlled by a player in the jungle.

At the moment of the offensive, players from point B should already make a banner in the direction of plant A. It is assumed that one person will run through the house, in order to go to the terrorists in the back and in time to give information about the banner, and the other – to go to the zig-zag or run through the city. Everything depends on success in the first seconds of defense.

When taking an attack, teamwork is necessary so as not to create obstacles and not to group at one point. Usually, the terrorists occupy the tetris, so they should throw their fire in order to open fire. This will help eliminate the attacking side’s players quickly.

Defending B

There are two ways to get to point B: through the apartment, or from the center of the map through the shorts. In the latter case, the information about the attack vector is given by the main sniper controlling the middle. Positionally, the SWAT team occupies a car, forest, corner or behind a plane. The role of the player on the corner, the first one to hear the terrorist attack, is important. Use this cool CSGO upgrade to make your game unforgettable.

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