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How to choose an engagement ring

One of the most pleasant and responsible moments of the wedding preparations is the choice of wedding rings. The custom of putting a ring on the ring finger has been around since the ancient Romans, who believed that it was inside this finger that the so-called “vein of love” led directly to the heart. You can choose 3 tier engagement rings or another option, but how do you avoid mistakes?

Choose a metal

First of all, decide on the metal the rings will be made of – yellow, white or red gold, silver or platinum. Or maybe you like modern combinations: silver-copper, silver-rhodium, different compositions of colored gold. If we talk about the most popular metals, now it is white and rose gold, platinum and palladium. Pay attention to the fact that the silver rings, which are in fashion lately, require special care. Think back, what metal jewelry do you wear most often? It will help you a lot in your choice, because now you will have to match it with your wedding ring. 


Traditionally, engagement rings vancouver are made without stones or designs – “to keep life smooth”. If you think this is a relic of the past, feel free to consider rings with stones. Take note:

  • Whether a ring with a stone is comfortable for you;
  • Doesn’t cling to your clothes or hair;
  • How firmly the stone is set in the ring.

As you ponder how to choose an engagement ring with a diamond or other inlays, keep in mind that the presence of stones immediately increases the cost of the ring. Although there are a few secrets, knowing which you can save money when buying rings with stones:

  1. The color of the gold. You can choose smaller stones, but play up the color of the gold: on white gold, diamonds visually seem larger. 
  2. Colored stones. Use colored gemstones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds in fancy colors: black, yellow, cognac. As a rule, they are a bit cheaper. You can also buy engagement rings with turquoise.
  3. The size of stones. When you use stones up to 0.3 carat, the characteristics do not matter. Color to J and clarity to i3 according to the GIA classification for diamonds of this size look quite decent, and hardly anyone will look at them with a magnifying glass.

How to choose jewelry to a person’s type?

To choose a piece of jewelry that will look perfect on you, you need to pay special attention to your body shape and appearance type.

How do you wear wedding and engagement rings: Your body type and choice of jewelry

When choosing chains and earrings you should take into account not only your own preferences, but also the length of your neck. Short massive chains should not be worn by people with an insufficiently elongated neck: it is better to choose a product with a longer length. Women who can boast of a long neck and high growth may well wear small earrings with precious stones in a concise, restrained form. Other ladies are more suitable for elongated pieces, which visually elongate the neck.

When choosing a ring, rely on the length and shape of the fingers. People with short fingers should not buy a ring with a big diamond of quite elongated shape, placed along the finger: such jewelry will further “shorten” fingers and make the palm wider. It is better to place such a stone across the finger: this location will smooth out the slight length of the finger. 

How to choose a jewelry piece by your appearance type?

Spring type. People with blond hair, gray or blue eyes and ivory skin belong to this type. If you belong to the spring type of appearance, then gentle and thin jewelry will suit you perfectly. You should not buy massive earrings, chains or a big ring with a big diamond: such items will look rude on you. As for the metal, avoid platinum and white gold jewelry. It is better to give preference to yellow and pink shades.

Summer type. People of this type are characterized by light or ashy, bright eyes with a touch of gray, and the skin has a light pink hue. Representatives of the summer type, on the contrary, should buy jewelry made of white metals. The form of products depends mainly on your preferences: the summer type may wear both large and small jewels.

Autumn type. Representatives of the autumn type are the owners of red or brown hair, pale pink or golden skin and green, brown or gray eyes. People of the autumn type are contraindicated to wear bracelets, chains, rings and earrings with precious stones made of white gold, platinum or silver. But with the size can safely experiment: representatives of the autumn type can safely choose both massive products and elegant jewelry.

The winter type. The winter type includes people with dark brown or black hair, brown or dark green eyes, and pale or swarthy skin. People with a winter type look bright and flashy, so small, sophisticated jewelry on them is almost invisible. Give preference to large, solid pieces of white gold and platinum.

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