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How to check the Curacao license in online casinos

Currently, it is safe to say that players have become more erudite in matters of online gambling. At least, most are well aware that the game should choose a licensed casino. But what casinos, or rather what gambling license to give their preference? In today’s gambling industry, there are several dozen licensing companies. And of course each of them is positioning itself as a reference in the field. Then the question arises, how to check that the casino really got a document in the jurisdiction and how it can ensure the safety and reliability of the institution?

If you want to play free slots canada or enjoy other online casino games, you should first get more information about modern casinos here But it still makes sense to check the license itself, which we will talk about next.

Gambling license of Curacao

Licensing in the jurisdiction of Curacao, is the most popular place to get a gaming license. And this is influenced by several factors:

  • It is an offshore zone, which guarantees minimal tax rates.
  • The low cost of licensing.
  • The speed of the licensing process.

Licenses are issued by the Ministry of Justice. This aspect should be considered in more detail. The fact is that the licensing process in Curacao is very complicated. Many players know that there is an organization Curacao Egaming and it seems to be the main regulator of the industry. That is what is claimed on the expanses of the Internet. But this is not quite true.

Holders of the master license can issue an unlimited number of sublicenses. Currently, about four companies own master Curacao licenses. And, naturally, they are not shy about issuing sublicenses. This effectively means that gambling licensing in the jurisdiction is handled by at least four licensors. And each of them is guided by a simple rule: my license – my rules. The gambler is basically uninterested in how many licensing companies there are in a jurisdiction; it is more interesting to organizations wishing to acquire a gambling license. But the uncontrolled issuance of licenses leads to disastrous results for casino customers.

So how do you check a Curaçao license?

It all depends on the licensor. If the license is issued by Curacao Egaming, just click on the icon of the organization, usually located in the footer on the online casino site. You will automatically be redirected to a validation page. At the validation page, you can find out the following information:

  • Who the license is issued to.
  • At what internet address is the web site online casinos.
  • License number.
  • Whether the license is valid or not.
  • Email address for sending complaints.

Curacao Egaming is the only company on Curacao that is more responsible in its duties.  Compared to other licensees, though, it’s still not enough. At the very least, you will be able to complain to this organization about the online casino in case of a disagreement, but not the fact that you will get a response and confirmation of the response from the jurisdiction.

Is the Curacao license bad?

In general, the gaming license of the island of Curacao is not the pinnacle of gambling licensing. It is also worth bearing in mind that there are several licensors issuing sub-licenses and at least two of the four are not responsible for the responsibilities entrusted to them. Therefore, if you choose a casino with Curacao license, do not be lazy and look at the validation page. If the casino does not provide such an opportunity, it is better to refuse to register at this institution. Recently, quite often the licensee responds to player complaints.

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