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Best Ways to Help Ukraine

Whether you want to help those in need in Ukraine or simply help raise money for a good cause, there are a number of ways to do so. We’ve listed some of the best ways below. Using Spendengelder: We encourage you to support Malteser International, an organization that provides psychosocial support in Ukraine. And if you have additional questions, we’re here to answer them. And if you’d like to donate to a particular cause, you can also consider donating to Unicef or one of the many other organizations.

Hilfsorganisationen in der Ukraine

The humanitarian disaster in Ukraine has forced millions of people to flee their homes and depend on humanitarian aid. Organizations such as the ORF and Save the Children Deutschland are organizing relief efforts. They are working to provide urgently needed supplies, cash assistance, and heating materials. The humanitarian corridors are an efficient way to provide these life-saving supplies. A total of 14 humanitarian corridors have been set up. These corridors allow the aid organizations to distribute essential items and provide much-needed psychosocial support.

Hilfsorganisationen mit Spendengeldern

There are many ways you can help the Ukrainian people. You can donate money to Hilfsorganisationen, which are working in the country to provide humanitarian aid. In Ukraine, approximately 4,3 million people are displaced. There are many Hilfsorganisationen that are begging for donations. One such organization is the United Nations. The UN-Nothilfeprogramme covers Trinkwasser, sanitare Einrichtungen, and support for health care and reconstruction. Your Sachspenden are going a long way to help these people.

Hilfsorganisationen im Kanton Bern

The Swiss government and its citizens have responded to the crisis in Ukraine by providing aid and relief efforts. The Hilfsorganisationen im Kanton Bern assist Ukraine through a wide range of projects. These include aid to hospitals that are not properly equipped and medical supplies. Additionally, the Swiss government is working to coordinate the movement of medical supplies into Ukraine. But what is the best way to help? Here are some ideas.


UNICEF Ukraine hilft gerade mit ihrer Arbeit in Ukraine helfen. They have teams of experts who distribute hygiene articles and life-sustaining medical equipment. They also have mobile Kinderschutzteams who befriend unaccompanied children and assist them with a host of other needs. This humanitarian aid organization relies on donations to carry out its work. If you would like to help, you can donate here. Just remember that every dollar counts, and every donation helps the children of Ukraine!


The organization Unionshilfswerk Ukraine has been coordinating the distribution of Sachspenden in Ukraine since 2009. There is a list of items needed for the project at their website. You can donate money or goods, or both. The organization coordinates Freiwilliges and identifies needs. You can find contact information for the organization at their website. It is important to note that the organization is not responsible for the safety and delivery of Sachspenden.

Malteser International

As the Ukrainian conflict continues, Malteser International is sending medical supplies to help the people affected by the crisis. A Hilfstransport of 44 pallets of medical supplies is currently traveling from Germany to Ukraine spenden. The aid will be distributed by ukrainian Maltesers in the city of Lviv. The 150th aid transport from Malteser International will be the first of many. As a result, many people will receive vital supplies such as water and food.


One Vancouver resident is raising money for his uncle in Ukraine through GoFundMe. He’s raised over $100,000 so far for supplies for the Ukrainian city. Andriy, who lives in Kyiv, is a doctor who works with the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine. His parents died when he was young, so he started making bread for people who were in need. Now, he wants to give back.

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